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How We Work

Please read the notes below carefully. They should help you to understand the relationship between us, you and the entertainers that we book on your behalf.

Jugglers Etc Ltd acts as a booking service for entertainers. Please note that none of the entertainers are employed by Jugglers Etc Ltd, except for Juggling John, the Director of the company. They work for themselves and for you, the client. Jugglers Etc Ltd provides a service to them (advertising and promotion) and to you (finding entertainers and arranging bookings)

When you make a booking through us you will pay us a booking fee/deposit for arranging the booking, not for the entertainment. You pay the entertainer for their entertainment on the day of the event.

We will send you a contract. This contract between yourself and Jugglers Etc Ltd is for us to provide the service of arranging the booking for you. Please note that it is not a contract between you and the entertainer for them to provide entertainment or for Jugglers Etc Ltd to provide entertainment.

Our responsibilities

- To suggest entertainers based on your stated requirements and our knowledge of the entertainers
- To answer your enquiries regarding entertainers and the options available for your event
- To ensure that the entertainer knows sufficient details about your event to turn up on time and to provide entertainment as detailed on the contract
- To provide you with written/ email confirmation of your booking
- To provide a point of contact on the day of the event should there be any problems

Your responsibilities

- To describe clearly what you require
- To make a choice about the entertainer you wish to book. We will provide recommendations but please remember that it is your decision. We are very happy for you to talk to entertainers about your requirements before the event, and even before booking if you so wish. We would normally do this by giving them your telephone number and asking them to call you.
- To pay your booking deposit
- To check the contract that you receive carefully, and to ensure that it describes the entertainment that you require fully. The entertainer will base their act on this information, so it is in your interest to make sure that it is right.
- To pay the entertainer on the day.
- To make sure that children/ other guests are well behaved and do not disrupt the entertainment. Please note that entertainers are not childminders and discipline is not their job. At least one adult should be on hand during children's shows to make sure that children behave and are respectful, and in case anyone needs the toilet or other attention.

The entertainers' responsibilities

- To contact you beforehand if requested
- To arrive in good time
- To provide entertainment as detailed on the contract

We hope that the above is helpful!

If you are interested in booking any of the acts listed on this site, please contact Juggling John.