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Rainbow Fairy/ Strawberry Shortcake

Fairy ballet parties, imaginative games and magical adventures for boys and girls.

Click here for details of childrens parties with Rainbow Fairy/ Strawberry Shortcake.

Jane offers a choice of characters - Rainbow Fairy or Strawberry Shortcake.

Rainbow Fairy takes the children to Fairy Land, where we all have a wonderful time, dancing and performing imaginary stories at the magical golden castle in the sky.
At the castle we play Fairy party games including treasure hunts with prizes, parachute games, cat and mouse and much more.

Boys attending will have a big part to play at any party Jane attends as she need lots of soldiers to guard the castle and protect the Fairy Queen and Princess or Prince.

Jane recevives many repeat and sibling bookings.

If you would like to book Jane or make an enquiry, please contact her directly on :

Phone: 07971 392815
Email: sunshinedanceza@gmail.com

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