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Jack Lenoir

Stunning close up magic with a charming European style

Jack Lenoir is a magician based in London, and a member of the Magic Circle. He holds a Master's degree in the life sciences and is fluent in English, Dutch, and French. Having done magic all his life with over 10 years of experience as a professional magician, his passion is bringing mystery and enchantment to the public. He has studied with a small but very influential group of magicians to create his own brand of magic and push the boundaries of the art.

To delight your guests at dinners and private parties, Jack will perform at a reception before the dinner or from table to table in between the courses. At such close range, his magic appears more impossible than ever. While he is often hired for large events, such as weddings, covering an entire venue, he also performs at smaller intimate parties for 10-50 people. Depending on the venue, this can either be 'walk around' for small groups at a time, or one show for the entire group.

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