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Maximilian Somerset

Magician, Musician and Unusualist

“One night I find myself doing magic for Prince Harry and the next, I am playing the piano for people with learning difficulties. Either way, I throw a 1000 volts of energy into every performance..”

Maximilian Somerset The Magician, Musician and Unusualist.

Award winning TV magician Maximilian Somerset is one of the few privileged to be an Honorary Inner Member of the Prestigious Magic Circle, London. He has performed for Celebrities; Royalty; Barristers and Road Sweepers alike. As the Duke of Beaufort’s Magician Cousin who was later adopted by a milkman, Maximilian can relate to most people.

Max has had his own prime time TV show on BBC 1; performed three sell out stage shows at the Magic Circle and has twice played the Organ at the Royal Albert Hall. However, you may also know him as the resident close- up Magician at the Dover Street Arts Club in Mayfair. For Max, the key is diversity and adaptability.

He calls himself “The Unusualist” because his magic, far from being associated with all the ‘choose a card any card’ clichés, is something more profound. It’s free from the shackles of conventional tricks and is about creating the impossible with anything to hand. Your wedding ring could end up in a light bulb under a lampshade; you children’s pet Goldfish could swim out of your £50 note; or a word that you are thinking of can be found engraved on a walnut…inside an egg!

Either way as both a performer and an inventor, his innovations have gained him respect among his peers as one of the most unique minds in the field of magic today.

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